League of Friends Heatherwood


Est. 1958 ( Charity No 900282 )

The League was registered as a charity in 1990 ( 900282 ) although it has been carrying out it’s charity work at Heatherwood since 1958.

We are a charity dedicated to providing those facilities, extra comforts and support for patients or staff of Heatherwood hospital Ascot. We have two daily activities on the hospital which provide support for the patients.

The first activity is our trolley shop which visits the wards every Monday Wednesday or Friday afternoons, it is there for those sweets toiletries or stationery items, which may be required by patients.

The second activity on the hospital is our patient’s radio request service: Radio Heatherwood, which broadcasts most evenings. A total of over 50 volunteers help maintain these services each week.

In addition to providing these essential services, the League each year raises funds for the hospital, along with income from our investments we are able to allocate gifts of medical equipment, or offer monetary support for patient/staff projects.

If you would like to find out more about Heatherwood hospitals League of Friends and the services we provide, just follow the links.